Oral Histories Project

The Oral Histories Project seeks to document the lived experiences of key Puerto Rican leaders in Connecticut who have struggled to promote change for the state's Puerto Rican residents. This project seeks to document in what ways and how Puerto Rican leaders sought to foster the incorporation of Puerto Ricans in the state of Connecticut. The collected oral histories will be released in a separate and forthcoming dedicated webpage.This project is part of a collaboration with Dr. Fiona Vernal, the director of the Engaged, Public, Oral and Community Histories (EPOCH) program in the Department of History, University of Connecticut.

Projects and Resources

Oral Histories Projects

  • Connecticut Puerto Rican Day Parades Historical Project (Forthcoming)
  • Aqui Me Quedo Puerto Rican in Connecticut Small Business Histories Project (Forthcoming)
  • Connecticut Puerto Rican Elected Officials Historical Project (Forthcoming)

A scene from the 2022 Puerto Rican Day Parade in Hartford, Connecticut.